Republic of the Congo to Build 10,000 Modern Houses

In the Republic of the Congo’s continual advance toward a modern infrastructure, housing is now being targeted for dramatic advancement. The two biggest cities of the Republic of the Congo—Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire—will see some of their more dilapidated areas completed overhauled with modern housing. President Denis Sassou Nguesso’s government is working in conjunction with the […]

Sports in Congo-Brazzaville Enter the Modern Age

The Republic of the Congo is a nation obsessed with developing its infrastructure to the fullest.  It has multiple deals with China that have immensely expanded its nationwide electrical network, utilizing the power of Mother Nature via the Imboulou hydroelectric plant. It has made agreements for shared infrastructure projects with its neighbors Gabon and Cameroon. […]

The Mysterious Lac Tele Community Reserve in the Republic of the Congo

2011, Brazzaville hosted the Summit of the Three Rainforest Basins to discuss protection of the rainforests of Conservation of the environment is a critical concern for the Republic of the Congo. It is a land covered in lush rainforest, complete with their populations of exotic animal life. Inthese areas. The three basins are the Amazon […]

Remembering the 1944 Brazzaville Conference

President Denis Sassou Nguesso hosted leaders from a number of African nations to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Brazzaville Protocol. That gathering in the capital of the Republic of the Congo occurred in 1988 and brought about a significant diplomatic settlement. In the agreement, Cuban troops—who had been fighting in Angola since 1975—were withdrawn […]

Fiber optics soon commissioned in Republic of the Congo

The national coverage project for a telecommunications broadband infrastructure is under way throughout the Congolese territory. This will be done soon, since the optical fiber network stretches 510 km from Brazzaville to Owando.  Akouala said that the next stage of deployment for the fiber optic cables is in the city of Ouesso located more than […]

Republic of the Congo’s “Congo Carbon” Initiative

The Republic of the Congo has been taking great strides in developing its national infrastructure. In 2012, President Denis Sassou Nguesso began an initiative to put the whole country on the electrical grid. With cooperation from the Chinese, the Republic of the Congo has built the Imboulou hydroelectric dam, which has led to the construction […]

Republic of the Congo and China Bring Electricity to the Countryside

As part of the ever tightening relationship between the Republic of the Congo and China, the two nations as part of a collaborative effort have constructed 30 kilovolts electricity line connecting the towns of Owando and Makoua. Located in the Cuvette Department, these two towns are capitals of their respective districts. Their electrification is therefore […]